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Four basic tips for measuring your recognition efforts.

Marimer Guevara

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It is always a good idea to incentivize and recognize your workforce. After all, you know there is nothing more valuable than your own employees. And, of course you do your job: events are organized, plaques are engraved, gifts are given, bonuses are paid… Once everything is settled you get some smiles and thank you’s… Everyone is finally happy! Right? But, are they really?

I am the Marketing Research Analyst at TCMPi and yes, I am mostly driven by graphs, numbers and reports – but there is a good reason for that: Results are always important! They hold the key to success! That is why measuring the effectiveness of your programs should be a priority on your list. You would like for your employees to be pleased with their jobs and to be proud of being part of your company however, have you ever wondered if the incentives/rewards/bonuses/gifts you give them are actually working? If not, don’t panic! It is never too late to start getting valuable information. Here are a few tips to start: Read more…

5 tips to avoid customs catastrophes

Brian Boucher

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CustomsWe’ve all been there, the client blinded by the breath-taking beauty of Santorini, or the turquoise waters of Punta Cana, Dominican Republic that hastily selects their event site without researching or considering some of the arduous location logistics such as Customs.

If you find yourself needing to provide and/or ship supplies, promotional products, event gifts, etc. here are a few helpful tips to prepare yourself and (hopefully) avoid any customs holds or clearance issues: Read more…

5 tips to make your sales incentives more effective

Daren Jennings

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Sales IncentivesMost sales leaders agree that it’s important to offer sales incentives that go beyond normal compensation and bonuses. If done right, those rewards can become the most powerful ingredient in driving the kinds of behavior you want to see in your sales force. Here are 5 easy tips to make sure your incentive efforts are doing what they need to do:

1. Be Consistent

If you run a quarterly sales contest, make sure to run one every quarter. The goal is to motivate your team to do their best, day in and day out. Think about your runners up – if they barely missed the win in Q2, they’re going to want another chance to redeem themselves in Q3. If you don’t give them that opportunity, your incentive plan will surely fall flat. Instead, give them every chance to prove themselves by offering a consistent program. Read more…

Way to go! Why public recognition makes rewards and incentives worth more.

Tom Stearns

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public_recognitionAccording to research from the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP), both leaders and representatives in the sales arena cite “rewards and recognition: motivating teams and reps” as one of the top five challenges of sales organizations. Sales managers are tasked with motivating their teams to achieve specific goals. Recognition and incentive programs are used to excite their teams and encourage them to perform.  What is the best method of recognition to use? Read more…

3 things corporations absolutely must consider before choosing their next gift

Choice Gifts

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blog-gift-garbageWe’ve all seen it over and over again. A company decides to thank its (fill in the blank: staff, customers, providers, Town Council members) for their (another blank: hard work, business, service, unyielding support). They need (a gift, several gifts, lots of gifts).

They turn to (their trusted gift supplier, the first name in their Google search, someone they heard about from someone or other). And after an in-depth discussion (usually about money and delivery) what do they decide to give?

Whoa! What’s this another calendar? And gee it has the giver’s logo on it. Or maybe it’s…a coffee mug! Will the generosity never cease? Read more…