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Choose your own: The new look of brand name business gifts

Brian Boucher

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Emotional appeal skyrockets when companies offer a selection of brand name gifts to reward their employees. Imagine yourself in this scenario: it’s reward time for your sales force. Hundreds of hardworking employees and their significant others are about to show up for three days of rest, relaxation and recognition. There are activities from daybreak to well past sunset. You’ve got speakers to inspire, presentations to give, and gifts to… Well, what about the gifts? Read more…

What not to do when rewarding employees

Heather Biben

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Common mistakes can lead to incentive program disasters.

Employee Rewards

Even reward programs implemented with the best of intentions can fail miserably when common mistakes occur. The best cure for incentives-gone-wrong is preventive planning. Sidestepping just a few common errors can help your program become an unqualified success. Read more…

Planning for panic: 7 tips for handling the stress of executing a memorable event

Dianne Brennick

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Event Planner, Dianne Brennick is a master at remaining cool, calm and collected when potential disaster looms for the latest event. Here’s how she does it.

I love planning events. And I’m really good at it. In fact, I excel at taking my client’s needs and wishful thinking and turning them into a memory for dozens or even hundreds of guests. But I still get the heebie-jeebies every time the curtain goes up on a conference, sales meeting, seminar or awards ceremony. Read more…

3 things corporations absolutely must consider before choosing their next gift

Choice Gifts

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blog-gift-garbageWe’ve all seen it over and over again. A company decides to thank its (fill in the blank: staff, customers, providers, Town Council members) for their (another blank: hard work, business, service, unyielding support). They need (a gift, several gifts, lots of gifts).

They turn to (their trusted gift supplier, the first name in their Google search, someone they heard about from someone or other). And after an in-depth discussion (usually about money and delivery) what do they decide to give?

Whoa! What’s this another calendar? And gee it has the giver’s logo on it. Or maybe it’s…a coffee mug! Will the generosity never cease? Read more…