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Latest Gifting trends for Incentive Travel Programs

Brian Boucher

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As many of us prepare for another hectic holiday season, many corporate meeting planners are entering the final stages of organizing Q1/Q2 Incentive Trips, National Sales Meetings, Corporate Retreats, etc. In honor of Black Friday & Cyber Monday, we wanted to share some hot gift ideas and trendy items that the Choice Gifts team has seen for the upcoming incentive travel season. If you typically include gifting as part of your program, now is the time to begin brainstorming and sourcing gifts to avoid last minute delivery delays while inventories are still plentiful.

Health & Wellness

FitbitYour President’s Club qualifiers are one of your company’s most valuable assets, your top performers. Just as a recording artist has to follow a strict regime to keep their vocal chords top-notch, you too want to keep your all-stars happy & healthy – continuing to drive strong performance. Many companies are using their usual gifting program to reward winners and guests with a variety of new items that promote positive lifestyles and routines. Items such as the new MIO Bluetooth heart rate monitor or FitBit activity trackers and fitness bands have been all the buzz as of recent. These tiny devices come in many forms including bracelets and small belt clip-ons, and allow guests to track sleep, distance walked, calories burned & active minutes. Many of these fitness-bands also interact with mobile applications on smartphones to track progress against personal goals. Pair these gadgets with an assortment of healthy activity offerings onsite such as group yoga, bike rides, jogs, volcano/waterfall hike, etc. to further promote your message. I recently attended a sales meeting in Las Vegas where the group broke up their 8-hour sedentary meeting day by distributing FitBit’s to each attendee explaining the features, and hosting a team scavenger hunt utilizing the full property to promote daily activity.

Designer Sunglasses

Police SunglassesThe Caribbean/Mexico, South Florida & Hawaii continue to be dominant locations for upcoming incentive programs — copious amounts of sunshine is a given. What better way to reward your guests than with a pair of designer sunglasses that they can use and enjoy the minute they arrive onsite? While onsite sunglass events are surely not a new concept, many new brands have joined the party and now have their own onsite offerings. Brands such as POLICE eyewear are a quickly growing worldwide brand, known for their signature mirrored blue lens frames and dawned by celebrities including Antonio Banderas, George Clooney & Bruce Willis to name a few. If POLICE is not your cup of tea, many timeless classics such as Ray-Ban & Oakley continue to be the most popular brands in the world with their iconic Aviator, Wayfarer & Flak Jacket styles. Given sunglasses before? It doesn’t matter! Sunglasses continue to be one of the most popular event gifts as guests “forgot theirs at home”, they can use them instantly & lets face it, you can never have too many sunglasses; a different style/personality for each day of the week!

Mobile Accessories/Headphones

MophieIn todays electronic age the world of mobile accessories has become big business; an estimated $38 billion industry by 2017. Rewarding your guests with some form of the latest and greatest mobile accessory will be a sure-fire hit. Items such as Mophie Juice Pack battery cases fit a variety of the world’s most popular mobile phones and carry as much as 4 FULL charges in a slim case to keep your guests charged and connected all day. Other items including Bluetooth speakers and headphones from brands such as Beats By Dre & Bose continue to be crowd pleasers too.

Still not sure what to give? Give the team at Choice Gifts™ a call. We exist to make the gifting process easier for you. We have access to thousands of name brand items and many unique onsite program offerings including custom gift galleries. Contact us today for help collecting ideas as well as international delivery & distribution advice to make you the gift hero at your next program!