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Corporate Event Planning Checklist

Molly Pastore

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Follow these 3 STAGES of planning to help you pull off the most successful corporate event.


  • Develop an event mission or purpose statement.
  • Set budget – be sure to leave some wiggle room for those unexpected last minute changes.
  • Find out how many people are attending and what the demographics are.
  • Start to visualize the theme. Social media, blogs, and Pinterest are very helpful with ideas.
  • Location, Date, Time – Research different locations and negotiate price.
  • Determine if there will be speakers.
  • Determine transportation needs (do attendees need to fly, airport transfers, VIP service, buses, etc.)
  • Decide if music is a must.  If so, look at bands or DJs willing to travel to your event location.
  • Determine if there should be a team building activity or experience.
  • Decide if there will be pillow gifts, swag bags, or custom gift bags upon check-in. It’s a nice touch when you check-in to an event no matter where it is, to get a bag of goodies such as a water, granola bar, mints, and the schedule of events.
  • Consider duties and VATs for international locations with shipping gifts and other support materials (signage, etc.).
  • Determine if furniture will need to be rented. Think of tables, chairs, tablecloths, dinnerware, etc.
  • Determine whether or not you’ll need video or audio equipment. If so, electrical will need to be considered.


  • Confirm the event theme.
  • Book location for your specified date/time and block rooms for guests.
  • Book Music.
  • Book Florist.
  • Confirm food/cocktails.
  • Confirm speakers.
  • Invitations – Send out save-the-dates. Depending on the budget, a printed and mailed card is always a professional touch. If the budget is tight, you can always use the free online service, evite. Also, order the formal invitations and confirm mailing addresses.
  • Order rental furniture.
  • Order electrical and necessary audio equipment.
  • Purchase decorations.
  • Gifts, gifts, gifts! Be sure to book your gifting experience, pillow gifts, or gifts for the swag bags.


  • Formal invitations and stamped RSVP cards – depending on the event type, send out with enough notice so you and attendees can make appropriate travel arrangements. When to send out?
  • Once RSVP’s have been received, book the appropriate transportation. Local DMC’s (Destination Management Companies) can be extremely helpful for airport transfers, excursion transfers, etc.
  • Print out “schedule of events” for attendees and bring with you to location. This handout could go with the nametags or gift/swag bags.
  • Make a list of to-do’s for yourself – stay on top of your vendors to make sure everything is going as planned.
  • Depending on the size of the event, bring an assistant to help you the day-of in case errands need to be run, while you’re on-site.
  • Do a final walk-through before everyone arrives.
  • Collect all the praise!

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