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4 Tips to Make Your Corporate Events More Enjoyable

Marimer Guevara

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1.  Be Flexible

If you are organizing an event that includes training sessions, ceremonies or presentations, make sure to give your audience some time to enjoy the trip itself. You spend lots of money choosing a great venue and location. Now, allow for people to interact and get the best out of the event.  Do not over-schedule dinners, cocktail hours and networking opportunities either. Give your attendees some freedom; it will help with team building and company morale.

2. Take advantage of the outdoors

Employees spend most of their time indoors (offices) or traveling for work (airplanes, rental cars and conference rooms). When planning an event make sure to include one or two activities that take place outside. Unless it is raining or snowing, your guests will appreciate some fresh air. Golfing, short hikes and poolside cocktails are among the most popular activities chosen by event planners.

3. Think outside the box with gifts

Planning a corporate event or incentive trip is a difficult task, especially if you have to organize everything from plane tickets to meals.  Usually, selecting gifts for your guests gets left behind. As a result, event planners opt to give the SAME gift to all attendees: standard welcome bags, swag bags, pillow gifts, award gifts, etc. Remember that people have different tastes and it’s very hard to choose a one-gift-fits-all option. Look into other possibilities such as an on-site gift experiences where your guests can choose the gift of their choice from a curated selection of products.  You can get more information on latest gifting trends here.

 4. Geek it out

Include social media hashtags and virtual photobooth sharing so your guests can interact on-line, in real time. It is fun and can help further promote your event or brand.  You could even work with social interaction experts like Pixe.  Try mixing it up in the gifts too. Gadgets and electronics are great gift alternatives to engage your employees. People love connecting the cell phones and computers to new and trendy technology. Earphones, Bluetooth speakers and phone accessories are on the rise!

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